Women Alone on a Journey Abroad

Women alone have lost its vulnerability with enlightenment of societies in most of the developed and developing part of the world. But nobody knows when a custom official run amok or a country has some statutes which are not women friendly. Leaving a main thoroughfare and entering into unknown alleys are still undesired from foreign tourist irrespective of the gender. Hotels of unknown integrity and reputation still do not find place in a diary of a gentleman or lady.

If you are a woman and planning to visit abroad then you must have compared notes with others who have earlier visited the place. Here are some check points to refresh your memory:

Leave Your Trail Behind
You leave information with one of your close relative or friends such as your itinerary complete with name and contact details of the places you are visiting or staying at. You may also leave photo copies of flights, ticket information and identification page of the passport.

Smart Travelling
The lighter is your baggage, more agile and fresh you shall remain. Try to keep only essentials. Clothing must be decent and should follow the dictum of the place you are visiting. Short pants and revealing tops are not religion friendly in some places. Decent dresses are admired everywhere. Keep a first aid kit with you.

Health is wealth
Take your medical certificates and prescriptions with you. Keep one month inventory of medicines you take just in case these are not available elsewhere. Get internet address of your doctor.

Life Valuable
Do not carry valuables such as jewelry, costly gadgets and large hard cash with you. These items attract violent encounters. These days credit cards are the best option.

Safety First
When travelling to foreign destinations, learn the road rules of that country. Your attire must be congenial to the climate of the place. Follow the golden rule of stop, look, listen and proceed. In case, you have doubts that some is following you, take shelter in a busy shopping place, commercial banks or lounges of commercial houses. If you still feel that the problem is persisting then ask for police help.

Security Everywhere
Check in a hotel of repute or that which has recommendation of the embassy or past visitors of impeccable identification. Check yourself the locking facility with the door and the windows. Avail taxi facility provided or arranged by the hotel. For the stay of your first day, book a hotel room in advance irrespective of cost.

Radiance of Confidence
Look and behave as a confident lady whose action radiates that she knows everything about the place and is sure of herself and her destination. If necessary, talk to the embassy people or hotel management in front of person of doubtful integrity hovering around, to unnerve him.

Direction Finders
It is a better practice to ask for directions from passersby and certainly cross check with some other. Sometimes GPS gadgets do not have the minute information about bye lanes, alleys and certainly about human traffic which are typical for different places. Buy a guide book.

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